Our Lesson Curriculum

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Private Guitar Lessons Curriculum

Our lessons at ART Guitar School are devoted towards the development of your overall musicianship. Whether you want to play for fun, or strive to be a professional, we cover everything required for you to succeed in your playing. We start from how to properly practice, learn songs, prepare for auditions to building a set-list, performing live, developing an artistic brand, as well as recording and releasing content, among other areas. 

  • Private Lessons and Group Classes in Person
  • Lessons in Guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Nylon), Bass, Ukulele and Keys
  • Composition, Music Theory, Ear Training and Audition Preparation
  • Solo, Group and Ensemble Performance Training
  • Online Profile Development and Marketing Strategies
  • Equipment Use, Care and Demonstration

What We Cover in Lessons


We cover proper pressure, positioning and coordination which are required to play effortlessly and to prevent injuries.

Ear Training

We cover the ability to identify different chord, scale and interval qualities by using solely our ears.

Repertoire (Songs)

Learn your favorite songs, etudes, medleys and more through accurate transcriptions and professional guidance.

Practice Regimen

We give you a straight forward, organized and effective program to keep your practice efficient without wasting time.

Music Theory

We cover the fundamentals of music theory and how it is applied to the guitar.


We have the ability and software to teach you to transcribe music onto paper for personal use.

“Our daughter currently takes guitar lessons with Anthony. Anthony is an exceptional teacher and motivator for our child.

He has such a passion for the instrument that his enthusiasm is spreading over to our daughter who doesn’t even have to be asked if she practiced yet. I would highly recommend Anthony for guitar lessons.” – Lei

“I love my lessons with Anthony so much! He is so thorough and explains things in the exact style of detail that I need.” – Joseph

“Anthony is a natural instructor, very outstanding. Thank you for the great lessons and fun.” – Joey