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Our Online Course Includes

Over 15 Close Up Videos + 2 Hours of Exclusive Content

Tab / Sheet Music + Diagram Provided for Each Lesson

Course Curriculum

The Foundation

  • How to Properly Hold Your Guitar
  • How to Properly Hold a Pick
  • Identifying Parts of the Guitar
  • How to Tune Your Guitar
  • How to Fret Your First Note

Chords, Progressions and Strumming Patterns

  • Playing Your First Chord
  • Learning a Chord Progression
  • Popular Chord Progressions
  • Fundamental Strumming Patterns

Natural Notes and Scales

  • Natural Notes in Open Position
  • Your First Major Scale – C Major
  • Extending the C Major Scale
  • Your First Minor Scale – A Natural Minor

Putting It All Together

  • Improvising over Chords with Scales
  • Review – Chord Progressions, Scales and Theory