Some people have trouble finding the time to have one-on-one lessons. They don’t have a stable internet connection, are travelling or there is something that is preventing them from having the ability to study with an instructor. If this is you I would suggest trying an online course.

An online course can be accessed anywhere as the videos for the courses can be downloaded directly to your mobile device. This means you can also access them at anytime.

Lets say you are stuck in a layover but have no internet. You could have the videos already saved on your phone which you can simply pull up and start learning. The lessons are exactly what is taught with an instructor the only con is there is no feedback.

However! We offer feedback if you need it. Once you complete a lesson just send us an email with a video of what you learned and we will reply back with a response if you are doing it correctly or need help.


Our Online course can be found by clicking here and is completely free to start. Let us know how you liked it and if there is something we can do to make it better.