Did you know that keeping your guitar properly humidified effects the overall playability, prevention of cracks as well as any neck shifting or displacement?

One of the most common things I hear from students is their guitars going out of tune or not staying in tune. The second most common being the strings not lasting long.

These two factors are heavily dependent on the humidity and proper care of the instrument. So how exactly do we give the guitar the best treatment it deserves?

Start by getting a hygrometer and determine what exact percent humidity you have in your house. If your humidity is around 55-60% its too high and you need a dehumdifier. If its 30-45% you need a humidifier to bring it up.

The absolute best humidity for most guitars (you can contact your manufacture to find the exact humidity for your specific guitar) is 50%.

I try to keep my humidity at this percent in all my studios and home but I also keep a humidifier inside my guitar case as well as a gauge to make sure they are at the exact percentile to prevent any issues.

If you would like to learn more about humidity, humidifiers I recommend and overall instrument care contact me at (203) 826 – 3447 or anthony@guitarlessonsindanbury.com.